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Pietra Ligure - The west coast

Pietra Ligure is famous seaside town in western Liguria next to Finale Ligure.

Their inter-land the Maremola valley is an interesting mountain biking network of trails, which extends along the south-western slope of Melogno, through Isallo, Ranzi’s hills and famous Monte Carmo.

Fresh New tracks are coming down, Monte Carmo to Giustenice in a complete new trails area lost in the nature with a great sea view!

In this episode Giacomo Dodino rides with Francesco Colombo, Italian Downhill Champion down the best trails of Pietra Ligure...


Sugher - Ruote di Pietra

The Sugheri trail develops along the slopes of Mount Grosso and it is reached by climbing from the town of Tovo San Giacomo along the Maremola river. After a short climb on asphalt the street becomes a gravel road. It is a path in “Enduro” style, sometimes fast, with rocky parts, banks and some raises. In the first part you can enjoy a sea view, at the end you cross a wood of cork trees (hence the name of the trail) with banks and drops.

The trail ends at the downtown of Pietra Ligure.

Click on the photo to see the trail:

Fieno Trail

After reaching the village of Ranzi, an historic village overlooking the sea, you continue on the gravel road. Following the signs, you find the trail called Fieno, an ancient mule track that descends from Mount Carmo to Pietra Ligure; now this trail has been built for the mtb.

The trail features fast rock stretches interspersed with curves and hairpin bends.

For the more experienced riders, this trail gives you the opportunity to choose the best line and to show off your downhill skills. The trail ends in the village of Ranzi, from where you can go back to take the dirt road and return to the top.

Click on the photo to see the trail:

Hiroshima mon amour

We are at the top of Giogo di Giustenice before the last push to Monte Carmo.

This trail starts in the forest and immediately begins with relatively easy berms and several compressions where you have to "let go of the brakes" to ensure maximum fun.

The bottom part has some nice switchbacks to ended up at Cascina Porro where you can stop for a pleasant refreshment break or great lunch.

Click on the photo to see the trail:

Hell Boy

This trail Starts from Cascina Porro the first section is quite flat, with the exception of two compressions, after a few pedaled relaunches, you cross the Giogo di Giustenice road and continue on the east side of the mountain. The slopes gradually increase and the path becomes very fast, with a succession of straights, some compression and berms, you cross a spring of water and to finish on the asphalted stretch of the Giogo near the Giustenice Cross Country loop.

Click on the photo to see the trail:

Hell Boy

Natural continuation of Rock'n'rolla, this trail starts about 50 meters on the left after a very short but steep climb.

The path is very smooth and fast with some rocky sections to play with. The turns exit are more blind then before and if you repeat this trails you’ll go very fast.

It ends just above Giustenice and in a few minutes riding down the main asphalt road you'll reach the town center or the beach!


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